Driving can be stressful in case if you are clogged in a traffic jam. If we are driving on the roads of Dubai then we need to be careful. We must have to know how much busy are the roads of Dubai. According to a report, Dubai has 3rd busiest roads where traffic remains clog most of the times but due to transformation in the new rules and regulation introduced by RTA. It has been made possible that traffic jams issued are resolved almost. How should we drive to make traffic smooth for others? Well, if you own a car or rent a car in Dubai you have to be careful anyway.

Now we are going to take a look at few pieces of advice.

Use Cruise Control efficiently and make a merging space on a road


Highway driving can be dangerous for your life in a matter of seconds in case of traffic clog. There may be the chances of many accidents to happen so you have to be careful while driving. You need to use the cruise control of your vehicle efficiently. A research said that just a small number of drivers use cruise control, it allows you to manage the speed and flow of traffic for both the car behind and in front of your car. By making Merge zones means you have to keep your car in a queue followed by everyone rather than a traffic congestion. It will allow you to be brave while drive in the following way.

  1. You need to maintain a more enough space ahead of your car.
  2. Encourage those drivers who merge ahead of you.
  3. Never say Argh! To drivers who are closing your gap.
  4. If traffic stop at red signal light must keep a distance of two cars ahead of you.

Know what lane you need to be in

You have to be cautious about the lane on the road in traffic where you have to keep your car while driving. 1st lane is for those drivers who are in a hurry while 2nd lane is for those who are driving not faster than the 1st lane builders. In the 3rd lane of roads bicycles, motorists and auto rickshaw drivers drive.

How you will learn to Parallel Park?

You need to learn how to park parallel. If you have parked your car and someone other just park after you and you want to get entangled your car from that crowd you just need to on your car lights and try to communicate this way to the car owner then he may listen to you easily.