Cool things to do in Dubai
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Over the past era, Dubai has made notable development and has converted a standard for the world. The voyage from being a small Bedouin village to the leading oil dealer and lastly becoming the worldwide entertainment center of the world, Dubai has come a long way. The astonishing city of Dubai presents full chances for visitors to practice new and thrilling cool things to do in Dubai. Apart from being a world popular shopping spot and a city of world records, it has many styling things to admire and to visit. People just book a convenient transport that suits their standard accordingly. So, they have many options for transport. They opt out with reliable transport by monthly car rental.

  1. Shop at the world’s biggest mall

Visiting Dubai and not witnessing the magnificence of the biggest mall in the world is not feasible at any cost. Travel Dubai mall– the biggest mall in the world in relations of the area has over 120 cafés and eateries and over 1200 trade warehouses to shop from. The mall is base to the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo as well. It also promotes an Olympic part skating arena.

  1. Witness the Dubai Fountain show

Who would want to omit an opportunity of sightseeing a free show of the World’s biggest strategized water cascade at the world’s major mall? Visiting Dubai at weekends means a lot for uncountable entertainment that will last forever in your memory chip so enjoy the panoramic show of ‘The Dubai Fountain’.

  1. Visit the Dubai Miracle Garden

Enjoy the enthralling beauty of the world’s major natural flower garden that is the habitat of over 45 million different kinds of flowers. It has conventional flower beds, timber style magnificent exhibits, and blooms into notorious shapes that will leave you with an impact of the impressive landmark. The island consists of posh luxury homes, entertainment hubs, hotels, and resorts to ensure you that your tour is truly unforgettable. It is preferred by newly wedded couples for their honeymoon.

  1. Shop at the Dubai Shopping Festival

A month-long performance that pulls the people in herds from all over the world towards the Dubai Shopping Festival yearly fascinates over a million expats from across the globe. Why? Well, so far away it is the target for all the other events in the world. The best of brands display the finest of their stock during this festival. With offers and cash reward amounting to some lacs per day and best contracts on the all kinds of goods, from electronics to jewelry; who would not get to be a chunk of this glittered galaxy?

  1. Have the food of Dubai
Cool things to do

Well, what is so different about the food in Dubai? Actually, this is the only place where you acquire to see a perfect camel cooked as a delicacy. Dubai is a city that has only 15% of residents of locals and the rest 85% of visitors and hence, the cuisine is multicultural. Only in Dubai, you will find a perfect mix of almost all kinds of foods of the world and that too you will discover them at reasonable prices. Dubai is a foodie’s heaven. It’s hard to categorize only a few cool things to do in Dubai.